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November 3, 2007
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Explodicon.. Fireworks Night.. by Wooded-Wolf Explodicon.. Fireworks Night.. by Wooded-Wolf
It's almost bonfire night in Britain, well officially it's on the fifth (the day after tomorrow) but they start it on Saturday (AKA tonight). For anyone who doesn't know it's a night where we set off fireworks to celebrate the failure of Guy Fawkes' plans. Rather ironic setting off mini explosions to celebrate the prevention of one big one... I think that may be the point but if not it is totally screwed up...

So here's an Emoticon where the little white emoticon hurtles towards us the separates in a rather boring fashion.

I had a better idea involving a kind of fountain effect with trails of glittery stuff but I couldn't figure out how to do it and I really didn't want to make such a complicated animation.

Oh well, hope you like... P.s - it looks like a team of superheroes or something out of a certain film. I'll let you guess which one.

Please don't steal...

Yay! Thanks for all of the :+fav:s and the Daily Deviation!

P.s. The film was the Matrix when Neo does that weird flight bit at the end. But sadly didn't explode..
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Daily Deviation

Given 2007-11-05
Remember, remember the fifth of November with this beautiful explosion of rainbow-colored emoticons. Explodicon.. Fireworks Night.. by ~Wooded-Wolf has all the color and vibrance of a fireworks show without the permanent inner ear damage. ( Suggested by synconi and Featured by livius )
ChaosWarriorKosaru Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2009
All I can say about this amazing piece of work is: there aren't a lot of animations of emotes separating into multicolored copies of themselves, and counting this one, I've seen only two. Nice work, man! This definitely deserves a favorite from me!
Tobi2x4 Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
great job!!! :D
i love it! :D
its quite ironic, and unique!
and it is made of win!!! :D
Amimone Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2009
I love the colour transition at the beginning. And how each emote's expression is diferent :giggle:
JapfanAnime Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008  Hobbyist Artist
Cool! that looks awesome!
Stemoticon Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2008   Interface Designer
I Love it :D FAV!@
adobedoesthemagic Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2008
your cute emoticon was featured here :[link]

show some love by faving the article! haha! thanks :hug:
Wooded-Wolf Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008
Thankyou. I'm surprised at how much this thing gets featured :glomp:
adobedoesthemagic Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008
you're welcome :D
darksporechild Featured By Owner May 25, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
XD Neo the exploding...what a mental image...

This is cool. It's like every grey-minded person's nightmare.

LOL it also reminds me of something the Doctor (of Doctor Who) said once: "It'll all go up in a great big unph of energy!"
Wooded-Wolf Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2008
That's rather a good point about a grey mind. The main emoticon seems like it's splitting up into each aspect of it's personality.

Doctor Who may be on to something there.. *Contemplates thought*
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