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October 16, 2011
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Digimon Crest Collection by Wooded-Wolf Digimon Crest Collection by Wooded-Wolf
I recently submitted this and as promissed I've submitted the whole lot, including my designs for fake crests (minus three). I've changed some of the designs from my earlier Digiegg piece.

Down the left hand side are the official crests from Digimon Adventure (Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, Light, and Kindness) along with fake crests for Veemon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon.

Column 1:

:bulletorange: Loyalty (Veemon - ExVeemon)
:bulletpurple: Integrity (Hawkmon - Aquillamon)
:bulletblue: Trust (Armadillomon - Ankylomon)

Column 2:

:bulletblue: Devotion (Betamon - Seadramon)
:bulletorange: Unity (Otamamon - Gekomon)
:bulletorange: Stability (Gotsumon - Monodramon)
:bulletpurple: Passion (Candlemon - Meramon)
:bulletorange: Modesty (Crabmon - Coelamon)
:bulletblue: Compassion (Penguinmon - Dolphmon)
:bulletpink: Endurance (Tapirmon - Unimon)
:bulletred: Determination (Syakomon - Octomon)
:bulletpink: Grace (Floramon - Kiwimon)
:bulletblue: Coordination (Kunemon - Flymon)

Column 3:

:bulletblue: Persistence (Kokuwamon - Kuwagamon)
:bulletgreen: Tolerance (Gizamon - Tyrannomon)
:bulletyellow: Respect (DoKunemon - Snimon)
:bulletorange: Vigilance (symbol adapted from Honesty)(Tortomon)
:bulletblue: Patience (Frigimon)
:bulletyellow: Generosity (Candlemon - Wizardmon)
:bulletred: Confidence (Gazimon)
:bulletgreen: Versatility (Monmon - Gorillamon)
:bulletblue: Chivalry (Centarumon)
:bulletyellow: Vitality (Apemon)

Column 4:

:bulletwhite: Innocence (Guilmon - Growlmon)
:bulletblue: Maturity (Renamon - Kyubimon)
:bulletgreen: Joy/Enthusiasm (Terriermon - Gargomon)
:bulletpink: Reserve (Lopmon - Turuiemon)
:bulletorange: Valour (Elecmon - Leomon)
:bulletgreen: Honour (Goblimon - Ogremon)
:bulletpurple: Spirit (Monodramon - Strikedramon)
:bulletred: Redemption (Impmon)
:bulletwhite: Wisdom (Mushroomon - Woodmon)
:bulletblue: Intellect (Hagurumon - Guardromon)
:bulletorange: Conviction (Airdramon)
:bulletwhite: Prosperity (Labramon - Seasarmon)

If you want to use this for whatever purpose please follow these rules:
:bulletwhite:Do not claim as your own
:bulletblack:Do not edit and claim as your own
:bulletwhite:You must acknowledge where this came from (=Wooded-Wolf) and preferably link back here
:bulletblack:Only for use on this site

Miracles and Fate

Digimon (c) Bandai/Toei
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Wow! These r cool! 
Did u made them up or r they official?
(I just know the crests of the DigiDestined.) 
Everything but the first nine crests in the first column is made up
Aw, ok, I see.
Wow, that's rly cool! 
I made some up myself, when I was a child but (not that much and) I don't remember what they looked like.

Btw. What would be your crest? 
Out of the ones I've made, probably Compassion. I like the designs of Integrity and Conviction the most though
Aw, ok. 
So, do u think crests stand for a personality that u have/a persons strongest trait?
Or do u believe it's a trait that someone is missing/doesn't have and that one still has to develop?
Actually I believe this:…

If that is true and crests represent a trait that u have to develop than my crest would be 'Happiness" or (in case of your crests) 'Joy'. 

(Or maybe the crest IS the strongest trait of the DigiDestined, but a trait that is hidden and sealed deep inside one persons 'heart' until the it 'breaks out'. 
Maybe ... it's something like that ... )

For ex. I'm a very cheerful person. (A lil bit like a female version of Davis or Takuya maybe ...) But ... I think there is a big difference between 
being a 'happy' person and feeling real 'happiness'. 
And I only felt 'real' happiness once in my life.
I will never forget this moment or this feeling. 
I was a lil child and I was at the playground. I was alone there and I was just sitting on the ground and doing nothing.
But suddenly that giant feeling of joy spread from my heart all over my body and filled entire body. - I wasn't just 'happy' - at that moment I felt 'happiness' itself. 
(Does that make any sense?) 
And at this very moment a very strong and bright white light began to shine somewhere. 
I was astonished as I looked into the light and I knew: This was my crest. 
Since that day I've never made that experience again.
(Could u follow? I know I can be a lil complicated from time to time.)
[U can insert the word 'joy' instead of happy/happiness if u like that better/think that it's better.]

But if crests represents our strongest traits/a peronality that we already have then I think my crest would most likely be 'loyality' or maybe 'patience'.

I like all the designs very much.
They all look rly awesome!

The crests of the Digidestined represent the strongest trait they had when they first witnessed the battle between Greymon and Parrotmon. They activated when they displayed that trait.

So, if you had a crest, it would represent your most dominant trait.
I see. 
So that's what u think.
Well, it's also a possibilty. 

In that case my crest would be Loyalty or Patience. 
Don't rly know which trait is stronger. 
Hard to tell. 

Btw. what's with the Digimon in ( ) ? 
What I said is the official explanation. The crests were created by the overseers of the Digital World from information they collected during that battle. The kids may have had to rediscover those traits when they were older, but they were always their most virtuous traits.

The Digimon in brackets are the lines that the crests belong to. Some of them are based on traits the Digimon possess, some are based on the personalities of the humans they've been partnered with in the series.
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I love these!
ultimatespriter2000 Jan 27, 2014  Student Digital Artist
May I use these crests
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