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October 16, 2011
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Digimon Crest Collection by Wooded-Wolf Digimon Crest Collection by Wooded-Wolf
I recently submitted this and as promissed I've submitted the whole lot, including my designs for fake crests (minus three). I've changed some of the designs from my earlier Digiegg piece.

Down the left hand side are the official crests from Digimon Adventure (Courage, Friendship, Love, Knowledge, Sincerity, Reliability, Hope, Light, and Kindness) along with fake crests for Veemon, Hawkmon, and Armadillomon.

Column 1:

:bulletorange: Loyalty (Veemon - ExVeemon)
:bulletpurple: Integrity (Hawkmon - Aquillamon)
:bulletblue: Trust (Armadillomon - Ankylomon)

Column 2:

:bulletblue: Devotion (Betamon - Seadramon)
:bulletorange: Unity (Otamamon - Gekomon)
:bulletorange: Stability (Gotsumon - Monodramon)
:bulletpurple: Passion (Candlemon - Meramon)
:bulletorange: Modesty (Crabmon - Coelamon)
:bulletblue: Compassion (Penguinmon - Dolphmon)
:bulletpink: Endurance (Tapirmon - Unimon)
:bulletred: Determination (Syakomon - Octomon)
:bulletpink: Grace (Floramon - Kiwimon)
:bulletblue: Coordination (Kunemon - Flymon)

Column 3:

:bulletblue: Persistence (Kokuwamon - Kuwagamon)
:bulletgreen: Tolerance (Gizamon - Tyrannomon)
:bulletyellow: Respect (DoKunemon - Snimon)
:bulletorange: Vigilance (symbol adapted from Honesty)(Tortomon)
:bulletblue: Patience (Frigimon)
:bulletyellow: Generosity (Candlemon - Wizardmon)
:bulletred: Confidence (Gazimon)
:bulletgreen: Versatility (Monmon - Gorillamon)
:bulletblue: Chivalry (Centarumon)
:bulletyellow: Vitality (Apemon)

Column 4:

:bulletwhite: Innocence (Guilmon - Growlmon)
:bulletblue: Maturity (Renamon - Kyubimon)
:bulletgreen: Joy/Enthusiasm (Terriermon - Gargomon)
:bulletpink: Reserve (Lopmon - Turuiemon)
:bulletorange: Valour (Elecmon - Leomon)
:bulletgreen: Honour (Goblimon - Ogremon)
:bulletpurple: Spirit (Monodramon - Strikedramon)
:bulletred: Redemption (Impmon)
:bulletwhite: Wisdom (Mushroomon - Woodmon)
:bulletblue: Intellect (Hagurumon - Guardromon)
:bulletorange: Conviction (Airdramon)
:bulletwhite: Prosperity (Labramon - Seasarmon)

If you want to use this for whatever purpose please follow these rules:
:bulletwhite:Do not claim as your own
:bulletblack:Do not edit and claim as your own
:bulletwhite:You must acknowledge where this came from (=Wooded-Wolf) and preferably link back here
:bulletblack:Only for use on this site

Miracles and Fate

Digimon (c) Bandai/Toei
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musiclover1072 Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Would it be okay if I used one of these crest on another website? The website would be Quotev.

Quotev is a site where people can write stories, quizzes, and other things that fall on the same line.

I would credit you and do everything that you listed on the 'If you want to use this for whatever purpose please follow these rules'.
Abody600 Featured By Owner Edited Nov 15, 2014
All of these crests are awesome, and I would love to include them in a fanfic project I'm trying to work on (after giving me the permission to use them of course). 
Also I was wondering, why haven't you create shapes for the crests of Pride, Desire, and Tenacity, three canonical crests with no form at the moment.
Wooded-Wolf Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014
I did not know about them at the time of making these
Omega-Knight-X97M Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Is a great work! I like it. I done my own symbol. If you want i can show it you.
DGMN4EVER Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Great work, dude. But where did the inspiration for the FanFic-Crests come from? In the case of the crest of courage for example, it was the significance of the sun in Buddhism, oppose the death courageously, supported by the color orange, which is, inter alia, for Courage.
Wooded-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Some of them are more obscure than others, and I've forgotten a lot of them, but I looked into various symbolism and used colours associated with specific traits. E.g. Modesty is a lotus because it's a symbol of beauty but the actual flower sinks back into the mud it comes from each day; it's golden brown because gold and brown represent wealth and success, and wholesomeness, respectively i.e. achievement without the glory. Most of them are less grounded, more improvised, and abstract; for instance, the star for Respect comes from a combination of the prevalence of the shape in law enforcement in the west, and its association with fame, but also because stars are a symbol of the heavens (and by connection God/gods), our star is responsible for our energy, and we literally look up at them. Colour-wise, a few of them overlap, like Devotion (the hour glass) and Patience (the snowflake) are coloured similarly because the blue-green portion of the spectrum is calming and passive, which suits both traits; incidentally, I used the snowflake for Patience because cold periods are a test of endurance and the idea of something (sometimes literally) being frozen in time suits the theme of patience.

As a quick guide, from what I can remember (note that there's some extreme stylisation going on):
Loyalty: Orbit (relationship between the moon and the Earth)
Integrity: (I think this was a combination of a peacock, but also a leaf for reasons I can't quite remember)
Trust: Vault
Devotion: Hour Glass
Unity: (Similar to the Taijitu); two becoming one
Stability: Triangle (most stable shape)
Passion: Flame
Modesty: Lotus flower
Compassion: An embrace
Endurance: Sun and planet
Determination: Sun and mountain (sun coming up each day)
Grace: Butterfly
Coordination: Arrows reaching the same point
Persistence: A cycle
Tolerance: (I think this one was a volcano, symbolising pressure)
Respect: Star
Vigilance: Eye
Patience: Snowflake
Generosity: Candle (providing light)
Confidence: Confrontation on all sides; standing your ground
Versatility: The double-helix (evolution)
Chivalry: Knight's Helmet (probably the only case of associating a trait with a person who displays it)
Vitality: The sun (representing energy)
Innocence: Flower (particularly daisy)
Maturity: Tree (personal growth)
Joy: Explosion (energy release/freedom)
Reserve: Cave (isolation)
Valour: Sword - red-orange (boldness)
Honour: Sword + Shield
Spirit: (Honestly can not remember this one, but I remember it took forever to find something appropriate)
Redemption: Rising from the ashes -
Wisdom: Another tree
Intellect: Gear
Conviction: Scales
Prosperity: The sun (shining brightly)
DGMN4EVER Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2014
Wow … Respect, buddy! You've put a really ingenious system on the legs. Only a few people can do that^^
Wooded-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
I think most people who do this kind of thing follow the same sort of pattern, and symbols are pretty universal. I'd love to know the exact reasons behind the official crests, particularly Knowledge and Reliability.
DGMN4EVER Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
In that point I can help you.^^

The Sun means in Buddhism a return to the Earth. It is engraved always on coffins of dead people and it also stands for the courage to face death. The color orange also supports the properties because it stands for strength and courage.

The Yin-Yang symbol refer to the internal equilibrium of the soul. It shows that everyone has two sides that are neither fully light nor completely dark. The two spikes are arrows that symbolize a search here. The two different directions show that it is not so easy to find its target and his determination and that it can take longer.

The tear stands for a drop, falling into the water. It is sincere and cried from the intent or physical pain, but from mental or emotional pain. This legend originated in a religion, where a God wept a green tear, because he had to follow a celestial war, without doing anything. From pain he cried a single tear of green that was so pure and sincere, that changed everything.

The cross stans for a promise or the confidence to keep others. It symbolizes the knowledge that the person who gives the promise keeps it reliable.

The heart means love for a very long time. That is underlined with the color red, which also stands for love.

The circles in the water are the symbol of knowledge and prudence. If a drop in the water, it creates a small circle, which is increasing with time. Gradually falling more and more drops, which produce all circuits. As the circles in the water, also the knowledge expands, when you first came to an idea.

In General the shooting star stands for a special wish or hope that this comes true. When you see a shooting star, it is finally used to wish for something.

The Lotus stands for peace, innocence and light. In addition, it symbolizes the charity, as it is known in Christianity. But originally the symbol of Buddhism comes. Both Buddha and other deities have their place has always been on a Lotus or Lake rose petal. Also the lamps at temples and other buildings have this form, so that the light can reach the gods.
Wooded-Wolf Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2014
Interesting. I thought the image of the circles represented expansion, but it was always the most confusing symbol to me. How did you find this out?
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