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About Deviant Artist Adi - Rhymes with Lady25/Male/United Kingdom Group :iconemoteocs: EmoteOCs
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Deviant for 8 Years
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How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I joined on May 28th, 2007; so roughly 8 years. I've been intermittently visiting it since about 2003 though.

What does your username mean?

That some mistakes are permanent? 

There's a bit of a backstory to this, so the short story is that I like wolves and trees, so what's better than a wolf covered in trees? Anything; the answer is anything.

So long story: if I remember correctly, I wanted to set my account up at 11:11 (I like eleven) or 11:28 (my birth month and date) and specifically waited until that time on the 28th of May (6 months before my birthday) to do so - unfortunately, I couldn't come up with a name I liked so I went with the best thing I could think of at the time; I can't remember if I actually managed to register at one of those times, if I waited until 5:28pm, or if I just gave up and submitted at any random time, but I at least wanted to register on that day, otherwise I probably would have waited until another meaningful date. It was probably about 11:30 or something - who knows?

Anyhow... I wanted to incorporate some form of nature, plantlife, and wolves into the name, and I thought Forest-Wolf and Woodland-Wolf sounded dumb, so I went for Wooded-Wolf, which sounds ridiculous. I instantly regretted my decision.

I've since attempted to draw a wolf covered in forest several times, but never actually completed any of them. I would have changed the name when the option became available, but I'm too attached to it now, as much as I hate it. Maybe I'll actually finish a representation of the name at some point.
In case you're wondering, this number obsession is down to OCD, and I still have a tendency to create accounts only at specific times or dates, although the distressing thoughts related to such actions no longer concern me, and I just do it as a quirk for the records
If you have trouble with OCD, feel free to message me about it

Describe yourself in three words.

Quirky; Restrained; Surprising


Another human boing

Are you left or right handed?

Right. The left hand is good at unscrewing bottles though, so there's that...

What was your first deviation?

It was a picture of the Pokémon, Shinx, which is now in storage. You can see it here, along with a revamp: Shinx Before and After..

It was my first attempt at using an Oekaki app, and my first digital attempt at line-less painting (I think). It was horrible, but better than some of my subsequent experiments with Oekaki. I just wanted something to submit so my gallery wasn't empty, and wanted to try out the airbrush and watercolour tools since I was used to solid shading, and the app had a bunch of options I didn't have at the time - I also made several ten minute pieces and submitted them, because apparently I thought quantity was better than nothing at all. I really wish I'd just invested in a scanner or a decent camera, because I continued to make these messes until I got a tablet (and even after). 

What is your favourite type of art to create?

I really enjoy anything that involves some kind of challenge e.g. palette limitation, using particular shapes, creating something from something else.

I guess my favourite thing is concept art, particularly character creation; I especially love mash-ups.

If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Realism; as long as I understood the principles involved, I imagine it would make mastering the others a lot easier.

What was your first favourite?

shiny eevee by purplekecleon 
By purplekecleon - I remember not adding anything for ages because I thought the people would look at my account and think "why are you favouriting my stuff?". It seems crazy now, but I'm sure I had my reasons...

What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Illustations, landscapes, a lot of fanart - I'm drawn to vivid scenery and interesting drawing styles. I also love colour; if I see interesting colour combinations, I'm already sold.

Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

There are quite a few to pick from, but right now, I'd have to say Cryptid-Creations
If you don't ignore this (hopefully you will), I really should start commenting on your pieces, but I'm kind of embarrassed in case you look at my page; if you haven't already done that - I have favourited a lot of your stuff.

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

MaryDoodles - I randomly found her on Patreon around April, around the time I was setting up my own account, and have been obsessed with her videos on YouTube ever since. She's so cool...

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

So many people have inspired me at different points, and I'm about to try something totally new to me, largely because of the deviant I mentioned above.

Back in the past, I got sucked into the emote community for the longest time because the people were so nice, and I made a lot of friends, but special mention goes to Sinister-Starfeesh because she got me out of a rut I was in at a time when I just didn't feel like making anything. 

What are your preferred tools to create art?

I like pens and lined paper. I never submit them (except some doodles I made during lectures at uni), but my favourite drawings are actually sketches and doodles I make in notepads. There's something about drawing with a pen that's more satisfying than a pencil.

Tablets are also good. I still use the mouse for a lot of things, but a pen is so much easier to draw with.  

What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

There's no specific place that comes to mind. Almost anything inspires me to create art, so anywhere at or away from my desk. Most of my ideas come to me when I'm not in a position to draw, and the most mundane things are usually the biggest catalysts. 

What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

I really can't think of one. Every time I've come to my inbox to find hundreds of messages, and wondered what happened to make that happen.
And today, when I find my daily page count has exponentially increased over the last two days, for seemingly no reason, despite zero activity (barring journals) for weeks, thus demonstrating what a weirdly wonderful place this site is.


Adi - Rhymes with Lady
United Kingdom
I'm Adrian, a British zoology graduate and aspiring artist

My gallery is an inconsistent mishmash of pixel art, fan-art, and experiments; apologies for the lack of organisation; I tend to work on a dozen projects at once :slow:

I'm not the most confident of artists and am often critical of my own work, but I strive to be a better artist in the future.


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