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So much to say, only so much I can remember...

Firstly, I am still alive. I'm active on my other account FeralDoodle, and am about to start uploading on a more regular basis. I have various projects I'm working on, but I'm in the midst of preparing my next major project, which I will hopefully start on in the next week or two. 


The most important information I have to share is that I have a YouTube channel:…
I plan to start updating on a weekly basis, but with everything else on at the minute, I'm probably going to update every fortnight.  I'm really hoping it will kick off, but I know it may be a while before it gets a lot of attention, so it would mean a lot to me if anyone interested would subscribe. If you like my videos, feel free to comment with suggestions on what you would like me to create next. 

My last video was a contest entry, and I created everything including the music for the video:

It's awesome - you get to see my hand, and my hair, and try not to focus on how skeletally thin my wrists are. Even when I was eating well, and working out, they looked that thin. 


I'm considering opening commissions to make some extra income, but I need to do a little research first, and get some feedback on what people would want. If you have any suggestions on what kind of things I should create, have a look through my gallery on this page, and on FeralDoodle, and give me an idea on what you think people would be interested in. I'm mostly going to be doing digital art, as I'm saving my traditional media for my own projects and videos, until I can afford to replenish them on a regular basis, but I won't be doing anything small scale (like sprites or minor pixel art) because it's generally not worth it. I will also be setting up my Patreon page again so people can donate if they wish, and will be uploading things such as work-in-progress shots of anything I upload, and gradually more content as donation goals are met. 


I meant to update this at the beginning of July, but I was house-hunting at the time, and although we started renting in August, it took a long time to sort things out and settle in. I have stopped posting placeholders for my webcomic, because although I had made some progress with the comics I hadn't finished, it was too much to catch up with, so I've put in on permanent hiatus until I have the time to focus on it, on top of my other workload. In the process of moving and updating my computer, I also lost the program I use to make it, so until I can find it again, it's not going anywhere. 


For the entire month of October, I uploaded one ink drawing a day. It wasn't always easy - some days I didn't start until almost midnight, which meant staying up until I was done. I one-shotted all of them, so I made a ton of mistakes, and didn't always do what I originally intended, but I'm still happy with the results. I used a cheap sketchbook to do them in, so many of the pages are falling out; the paper was horrendous to draw on. Here is the full 31 days worth of drawing, including a cover page I did at the end:

Inktober Roundup by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 1: Snailblazer (Fast) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 2: Bongo Bongos (Noisy) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 3: Trim Reaper (Collect) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 4: (Hungry) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 5: (Sad) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 6: (Hidden) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 7: (Lost) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 8: (Rock) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 9: (Broken) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 10: (Jump) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 11: (Transport) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 1: (Worried) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 13: (Scared) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 14: (Tree) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 15: (Relax) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 16: (Wet) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 17: (Battle) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 18: (Escape) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 19: (Flight) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 20: Squeeze by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 21: (Big) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 22: (Little) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 23: (Slow) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 24: (One Dozen) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 25: (Tired) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 26 (Box) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 27: (Creepy) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 28: (Burn) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 29: (Surprise) by FeralDoodleInktober Day 30: (Wreck) by FeralDoodle Inktober Day 31: (Friend) by FeralDoodle 


Life right now is pretty stressful; there's a lot going on, but nothing I really want to share online. It's coming up to Christmas, so my work hours are probably about to increase, but they will plummet again in the new year, so I need to find a new job to support myself until I can survive completely freelance as an artist. I hope it doesn't come to it, but it's probably going to be necessary. 

So that's it for now. I'll try to update again when I've got more figured out in terms of commissions, but if you're still following this page, I will be using FeralDoodle as my main page, so look for me there instead. Thanks for reading :aww:
  • Listening to: The One Who Stayed and the One Who Left


Adi - Rhymes with Lady
United Kingdom
I'm Adrian, a British zoology graduate, and aspiring artist

My gallery is an inconsistent mishmash of pixel art, fan-art, and experiments; apologies for the lack of organisation; I tend to work on a dozen projects at once :slow:

I'm not the most confident of artists, and am often critical of my own work, but I strive to be a better artist in the future.





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