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So, last week I went to the London Film and Comic-Con. It was... Interesting :paranoid:

Getting there
Breakdown of the trip: Got up at 5am. Set off from trainstation at 7am. 1st train - went smoothly. 2nd train - stopped two stops before West Brompton with the message that there were problems ahead. Proceeded to next stop. Then we had to wait. Imagine this: a train full of geeks, nerds, super-fans, and in my case - weirdos (+ all of the above, obviously), only one stop away from an event they've been excited about for who knows how long. Obviously, everyone jumps ship and finds another way to the event. Me and the hallway people decide to stay put in case the train manages to go ahead (I was not risking getting lost). 20 minutes later, we start moving and get to the event. On the plus side, seeing all of the cos-players on the train go on a mission to find another train was quite funny. After a rather confusing phonecall, I managed to find my friend in the queue - turns out we had entered from different ends, but the building in front of us looked exactly the same from both ends. Fun times :B. We queued for about 2 hours and got inside at 10:30. Mission accomplished. Waited until 11 to get tickets, because like many people in the queue, we were not willing to pay double price for the sake of half an hour. Then we got inside.


I'm not going to lie - I didn't know how to feel about it. There was a lot to look at, but it was kind of overwhelming, it was hot, there was no breathing space, and I had no idea what to do. I tend to ramble, so I'm not going to talk about everything that happened, so imagine this next bit as an info burst: we started off looking at everything we could on the way around the hall, decided to have a break to find food, then sat down for a while. I managed to find another friend I'd arranged to bump into and we hung out with her for a while (which was good as she's been to these events before and gave us some tips). We left her to get a signature from Doctor Who (I think she managed to get it a few hours later) and looked around again. While we were looking at the various stalls, I talked to a couple of people while I was there, but I didn't manage to find the artist's alley until my friend from earlier told us it was in another building. So we went there and I kind of awkwardly looked around because I was too nervous to actually talk to any of the artists - I did see some names I recognised but I kind of blanked. So that was a bit of a fail. Eventually (after about three trips around the place and my friend leaving me to it) I ended up buying a print from one artist, asked him a few questions, probably embarrassed myself, but heard what I needed to hear. I think we left around five-ish, but not before I bought this awesome nerd-t-shirt:

Nerd T-Shirt by Wooded-Wolf

Overall, it was a pretty good experience. I think it would have gone better if I had an idea of what I wanted to do there, and I think because I was with a friend I hadn't seen for a while, I was kind of in 'what do you want to do?'-mode, and wasn't very assertive. It probably would have been fun with a group of people - we'd feel less guilty about splitting up. Since it was my first time, I mainly wanted to find out what to expect, so if I go to another one in the future, hopefully I'll make the most of it.

The rest of the weekend in London was pretty good. I was only there until Sunday evening, and we were on sort of a schedule, so we didn't get much of a chance to explore, but we saw a lot of interesting sights and we got to go to the sea-life centre in the morning. It kind of made me miss studying zoology a bit. Especially when I saw information that looked suspiciously wrong... 

Even though travelling around London with no idea how to get from place to place was kind of confusing (we had no map and I may have reached my mobile data limit before the trip, so google maps was not an option ._.), I genuinely enjoyed it and I actually like the place now (at least what I've seen of it). I think the problem was that all of my previous times in London were in the Autumn (excluding one time when I passed through it on the tube to get somewhere else), which is a time when London resembles a grey smear more than anything else ¬.¬


So one of the things that was suggested to me while I was at Comic-Con was to set up a Tumblr account (which is something I was considering doing) - so I have. I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I will as soon as I've made some progress on this project I've started work on. In the meantime, if you want to know my account name, it's Gathering-Moss (which you may recognise from this image). Here's the full link if you're interested in following me: Tumblr Account

I've got some time off work this week, so while I try consider finding a job with more hours, I hope to make some progress on the project and upload the first few pieces very soon. Not sure how this happened, but I found out that Xiaolin Showdown (a cartoon I briefly got into when I was 14) has had a reboot (called Xiaolin Chronicles), so I've kind of got distracted by that. On the plus side, it's a very stylised cartoon and the characters all have unique designs which is useful for the work I'm doing (as that is one of the things I am looking into studying and developing). That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it :shifty: I will actually start submitting things again...

So, that's the end

Thanks for reading, hopefully I didn't bore you :aww:

P.s. I'm not sure why people decided to make a t-shirt with Captain America spelt out in elements (other than that they could), unless those happen to be the elements needed to make the Super Soldier Serum...
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Adi - Rhymes with Lady
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I'm Adrian, a British zoology graduate and aspiring artist

My gallery is an inconsistent mishmash of pixel art, fan-art, and experiments; apologies for the lack of organisation; I tend to work on a dozen projects at once :slow:

I'm not the most confident of artists and am often critical of my own work, but I strive to be a better artist in the future.

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